Tuesday, August 5, 2014

From the Magenta blog, more beautiful cards featuring stamps from the latest release.

by Edith Racine, Design Team Magenta

And here's another beautiful card from Ellie Knoll using one of her favorite stamps from Magenta; be sure to click on the link to see the other card design using the same stamp.

by Ellie Knol, Design Team Magenta

I love this holiday card from the Memory Box blog. You know "Visions of Sugar Plums" -- I always have visions of Gingerbread cookies!

by Pam Sparks for Memory Box

Using scraps of paper, Judy Jung has made a card that uses one of the new Penny Black dies.
by Judy Jung for Penny Black

Some customers at the store have seen the Elizabeth Craft Designs' Stand Up Helper dies and asked what they were. Essentially, they help keep an easel card design in position; the way that they've been designed, they may also be used as part of the card design as well. Coincidentally, they challenged their Design Team to make cards with the Stand Up Helper dies. These are two of the many cards they feature . . .

by Raquel Mason for Elizabeth Craft Designs

by Mary Prasad for Elizabeth Craft Designs

by Rita Edwards for Elizabeth Craft Designs
Here's the link to the full blog posting showing the card designs from the rest of the Elizbeth Craft Designs' Design Team:  http://ecraftdesignsblog.com/2014/07/elizabeth-craft-designs-july-designer-challenge-stand-up-helpers/

Here is a link to a blog posting that provides instruction on how to use the Stand Up Helper dies.

From PoppyStamps, Ira Huberts shows a beautiful holiday card that could easily be made for several recipients at a time.

by Ira Huberts for PoppyStamps

I know RubberMoon classes at Art 'n Soul yesterday and everyone had way too much fun! I saw this posting and just had to add it . . .

by Barb Rogers for RubberMoon Stamps

Here is the link to the earlier posting from Barb that she references:

by Barb Rogers for RubberMoon Stamps
November 2013 Posting

Susie has told me she has a few pics from the classes yesterday and will send them as soon as she has time.

WOW! How cool is this home decor piece that Isha Gupta made for IMAGINE Crafts!

by Isha Gupta
Artist-in-Residence for IMAGINE Crafts

It's been an interesting morning here in Louisville, Kentucky. We went to Louisville Stoneware. We chose a piece of pottery to paint and have glazed. My piece involved painting the relief design and adding a few stamped images.

With a little instruction, we were off and running.
We were told we could outline anything in pencil
and the pencil lines would disappear when they
glazed and fired the pottery. Everyone's pieces were
totally different using foam stamps, stencils and
free-hand designs.

Believe it . . . the 'burnt red' that you
see is actually black. They assured me
when the clay is fired it will turn black!

Inside the rim, I put a small
floral stamp design.

On the leaves after the green had dried, I
applied light touches of purple. I applied several coats
of the green in places for darker coloring -- we'll see!

I washed the entire pottery piece with
thin watered-down paint of the same color
I painted the leaves and the word 'vino'.
Otherwise, without the wash, the pottery
surfaces not colored would fire up as white.

I must say I'm quite anxious for them
to finish the glazing and baking. Once
that is done, they'll mail us the pieces.
There was a small gallery that I peeked into and I was so glad I did.

These are glazed globes -- incredible!

This little guy was peeking down from
the rafters . . . a little crocked? I would have
loved to do this guy!

I loved this 'mosaic-looking' piece.

This was an awesome piece!

So that's it for now. At lunch, my expanding waistline enjoyed a fabulous tomato soup bisque with dill that was heavenly. And tonight, I've been told we'll search out a steakhouse . . . surprise! surprise! These asphalt guys are the carnivorous type -- I'm sure I'll find something non-beefy!

These photos are from a Facebook share by Elaine Woodhouse . . . thanks for the interesting portraits, Elaine!


  1. The cards are awesome! Love the animal head pics. Thanks for sharing your travels.

    1. Thank you Renee. It's very easy to create beautiful cards with Magenta stamps. And I thought those animal head pics were very clever of the person who thought of it.