Monday, May 2, 2011

Special Commemorative Stamps from Magenta to Raise Money

Please read this special announcement from Magenta. Some of you may have seen this information at the store as well.

The background to the introduction of the special commemorative stamps is explained in the announcement. Art 'n Soul is very honored to be a part of this fundraising effort. We're asking you, all of our Art 'n Soul customers, to purchase one or both of these stamps and to reach out to your friends and families to do the same.
  • These stamps would make nice gifts to your rubber-stamping friends
  • Use these special stamp images to make a boxed card set as a gift for your favorite veterinarian, pet groomer, pet owner, etc.
  • Stamp this image in your journal and write down your thoughts of how the devastating earthquake in Japan affected you
  • Buy a set of the stamps and donate them to a school's art class
  • Stamp all of your outgoing mail with one or both of these stamps to remind people of the need to support the animal rescue efforts in Japan because of the earthquake and ensuing nuclear radiation leaks . . . and as a way to honor the heroic efforts of the many people in Japan who are taking great risks as they rescue pets and animals from the nuclear-danger zone.
I could go on and on, but I'll stop the list of ideas for now because I know you understand. Neither Susie nor I are able to fully convey what a wonderful host and 'dear new friend' Etsumi is to us from our trip to Japan with Helene last October. She took us up on our invitation to come and visit Art 'n Soul this month after non-stop efforts by us. And then the earthquake happened with all of the tragic losses, discomforts, and unending challenges to daily life as they know it now in the affected areas. Etsumi was an an animal rescuer before the earthquake, and has become more involved in that program because the need is so great. By participating in Magenta's generous program to help raise money for the animal rescue efforts that Etsumi is involved in with the sale of these commemorative stamps, it is our way of returning to Etsumi the hospitality and friendship extended to us.

Because this is a fundraising effort, store discounts will not apply to either stamp. We thank you for understanding and supporting us in this endeavor.

If you are unable to stop into the store to order one of these stamps, call us at 360.357.6820 or email us at and we'll work with you to order your stamp and mail it to you. This is a limited edition.


My laptop came home this evening; however, it may have to make a return visit to the clinic because it's still not performing as it should. The tech found over 300 viruses and had a 'devil' of a time getting rid of them all and restoring some chip-aways to the system caused by the viruses. I learned today what I wish I knew a long time ago . . . NEVER have more than one resident anti-virus program running at the same time; unbeknownst to me, there were several of those programs running that I knew nothing about (a couple of them I had never even heard the name of!) and they cancelled each other out, thus opening the door wide open for viruses to enter. Live and learn, right?

Your goals will be reached when they come from your heart.

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