Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday was another busy day at CHA. It started with a 90-minute class at Prima with guest instructor, Donna Dewey. She had made a Valentine album with Prima's canvas heart album. I learned how to apply acrylic paints and stretch its application by dabbing the sponge in water. Tattered Angels' shimmer mists were used on the canvas pages with templates, and on the Prima ribbons. I did learn about a new 'pop dot' that comes in a tube; you can make your 'pop dot' as high as you want it with the tube application and letting it dry. Donna swears by it and says its the only 'mounting adhesive' she has found that works with fabric. I met a very nice store owner from Florida. She collects business cards of store owners that she meets from around the country at industry events; when a customer asks her if she knows about any stores in the area they're traveling to, the owner can look in the contact list she is continually developing. I didn't have a card to share with her but she took info on Art 'n Soul to put into her reference list.

I met Suzanne who Art 'n Soul Zentanglers talk about . . .

I told her she is held in very high regard at Art 'n Soul. She lives in Texas and doesn't get as far 'north' as we are but if she does, she knows where her first stop should be! Her latest book is Time to Tangle with Colors and I told her I'd ask Susie to consider ordering a few copies for the store to sell to our Zentanglers!

And here's a picture of a 'make and take' group at the Magenta booth this afternoon. I'm hoping to find time to do some up before I leave for home tomorrow afternoon.

As I was leaving with Helene's distributor representatives from England and Scotland when the show closed, they stopped to say hello to Suze Weinberg. Suze has retired and is anxious to start on her new journey wherever that might lead; she's not giving up art . . . she's just onto the next adventure and is excited about it.

It's bedtime . . . and there's so much more to do tomorrow, including stopping in at the Bazzill booth and ordering more Prismatic papers for the store on a 'rush' basis.

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