Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wow! What a week it has been. I'm finally finished editing the RubberMoon pics . . . I've certainly edited a lot more in the past but this week, I kept nodding off! Seriously. So before I nod off again, here's some fun art for you to enjoy.

My week of RubberMoon wonderfulness started on Tuesday of last week. I've been a member of RubberMoon's Moon Mail Club and while Kristen was up here, she met with us "Moonies" from the greater Puget Sound area. We had a very nice potluck dinner and shared a project led by Kristen.

work in progress by Patricia Stein

work in progress by Sandra Clarke

work in progress by Tracy Kinkade

work in progress by Michele Storms

work in progress by Cindy Sharp

work in progress by Lisa Lee

work in progress by Debbie Gaetz

If you're not a Moonie yet, you might consider joining the RubberMoon Moon Mail Club.

Go to this link & click on "Moon Mail" on the left side . . .

Then Kristen boogied on down I-5, southbound, to stay with Dianne and teach at Art 'n Soul. In each of the 4 classes, we learned so much. Kristen shared fabulous tips and techniques that caught everyone's enthusiastic attention.

The first class brought new 'shrines' to make matching up stamps, chipboard die-cuts frames and shapes, and acrylic paints. For the framed pic, most everyone used Frida clip art that Kristen provided.

work-in-progress by Ann Haller

work-in-progress by Janice Shineman

work-in-progress by Carolee Forsyth

work-in-progress by Cindy Sharp

work-in-progress by Susie Tracy
*Susie did go home to continue working
on her shrine, and bling'd it up. Susie is
supposed to send me a photo that I can
share with all of you!

These are the shrine samples that Kristen had made, and we're so glad she shared them with us. You, too, will 'get the bug' because these little shrines will make the most wonderful keepsake gift.

by Kristen Powers, aka Kae Pea, of RubberMoon

by Kristen Powers, aka Kae Pea, of RubberMoon

by Kristen Powers, aka Kae Pea, of RubberMoon

by Kristen Powers, aka Kae Pea, of RubberMoon

Tomorrow, I'll share the works from the classes on Saturday and Sunday.

On the Magenta blog, check this beautiful card out! Carole has used Nuance in yellow and gray on watercolor paper.

by Carole Dion, Design Team Magenta
Click on this link to see Carole's posting:

With everyone's love for birds and clouds, you're going to like this very "clean and simple" card design from JJ on the PoppyStamps' blog.

by JJ Bolton for PoppyStamps
Click on this link for the details:

This Saturday and Sunday is another HUMONGOUS Recycled Rubber sale at Art 'n Soul. There is soooooo much recycled treasures stored in back that we can hardly move around; it's stacked on the left wall and it's stacked on the right side. Thank goodness we have the wonderful volunteer assistance of Laurel Martin to help with it all. Be sure you're there at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday . . . I've peeked into a few of the boxes and you're not going to want that 'treasure' going to anyone else but you!

See you soon! Thank you for all of your indulgence and patience in awaiting a blog post this week . . . it's really appreciated.


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