Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Art 'n Soul's Inspiration Station from July continues into August until our new 'inspiration' is introduced on the 15th. We're still featuring Magenta's new Nuance, a watercolor powder that offers beautiful colors. We just sold out today but more will be in next week at Art 'n Soul.

by Pam Nelson
  • Dreamweaver Stencil (LI 849)
  • Memory Box Butterfly Delights Stencil (98310)
  • Memory Box Stitched Square Layers (30038)
  • Magenta Sentiment Stamp (07.614.D)
  • Magenta Nuance Powdered Watercolors:  Orange, Grass Green, Royal Blue, Jade
  • Paper:
    • Watercolor card stock -- 140 lb. cold press
    • So Silk in Fair Blue
  • Mister filled with water and Perfect Pearls
Place stencil over smooth side of watercolor card stock. Sprinkle colors as desired. Spray with water until the desired effect is reached. Wick away some color with a paper towel if necessary. Lift the stencil and allow the watercolor to dry. Sprinkle orange and yellow Nuance on a separate piece of scrap watercolor card stock and spritz with water; allow it to dry or heat set with a heat gun to dry. Repeat the same process on the reverse side. Stamp the sentiment and then die cut with the smallest square of stitched squares (30038). Die cut the butterflies. Assemble card.

Come on in and take a look at these beautiful 'inspiration' cards because it's hard to photograph just how lovely they are!

Delivered to Art 'n Soul today are the Penny Black 6x6 paper pads we've been waiting months for. The designs were shown at the CHA Show back in January and this is the first time we were able to actually have some shipped to us.

More of the 8x10 sheets of Strathmore watercolor card stock in 140 lb. cold press were also delivered to the store.

More Bella Carta deliveries have come in and will be showing up at Art 'n Soul by this weekend.

It's really bad when your "to-do" list is longer than the tablet it's written on. It's even worse in the guilt section, when you can do nothing but think about Hasty Lace. It's all I can think about . . . I do "Hasty Lace" while watching television with my husband; it's my mental exercise before giving it up for the day, and any other time I can squeak in.

Believe it or not, this was completed in a
couple of hours last night. The thistle and
leaves are part of a much larger template; I just
chose what I wanted to use. On the opposite side,
I added the "innie and outie" template design to
fill in the open space.

this is one of the class projects that I
finally finished; however, I see where I made
some goofs and didn't really center the inside template.
So I will leave this in the sample box for future reference.

This is another much larger template that I used only certain
pieces of the design, and then used the innie and outie on the reverse side.

This is an older template design from Hasty Lace
that I then filled in from the oppose site with the new innie
and outie template designs (2 of them). The color wash
is because of the lighting in the room.
Ever since Sandy Jackson introduced the "innie and outie" technique, I was loving Hasty Lace even more. These are just works-in-progress and I have yet to think how I am going to incorporate these into a card or something else. It is so much fun to take bits and pieces from various template designs and see how they work together. As if I didn't have enough template designs, I'm now re-thinking designs I had not purchased before. Oh, dear!

On the Magenta blog, Bianca has made a lovely card using the new Leaf Flower stamp.

by Bianca van Noort, Design Team Magenta
Click on this link for the details:

And Helene is back at it with Magenta templates and stamps to make a Happy Place card. The colors are so vivid; she has used the Tombow markers and some water. Just looking at the card makes me happy . . . how about you?

by Helene Metivier of Magenta

Click on this link for Helene's posting:

The "Heat is On" over on the PoppyStamps' blog. They've challenged folks to make a card that goes with the theme. One of their Design Team members has made this card . . . I really like how she's showing the house but lets the flower die overpower the house.

by Michele Henderson for PoppyStamps

Click on this link for the detailed how-to:

On the Penny Black blog, guest designer Torico has created a beautiful Christmas card featuring their new holiday stamps.

by Torico for Penny Black

Here's the link to the detailed project sheet:

Elizabeth Allan and Jill Foster have been "coloring" lots of fun as they challenge themselves with different color combinations on their blog, Studio Sessions, for Penny Black.

by Jill Foster for Penny Black

Click on this link for the details:

by Elizabeth Allan for Penny Black
Click on this link for the details:

Those of you who like 3-D and/or mixed media projects, these mini books made from matchbook boxes are perfect. And I love the colors on the canvas in the second project. I found these on the IMAGINE Crafts' blog . . . 

by Heike Linnek
Artist-in-Residence for IMAGINE Crafts
Click on this link for the project sheet:

This is a canvas from Isha Gupta who is always quite creative and loves color! The butterflies, die-cut from Vertigo film, are very subtle against all of the beautiful colors. This certainly inspires me to think of how to use a similar technique for a cheery card or tag.

by Isha Gupta
Artist-in-Residence for IMAGINE Crafts
Click on this link for the project sheet:

Dina Wakley has made a card using "ugly art" that she has transformed. Check this out . . . we've all had those experiments that didn't exactly work out as planned -- or we've had oopsies occur that we didn't expect. Just proves that you should never throw something out just because you don't like it . . . throw it into an "oops" box to be used for something different on a different day!

by Dina Wakley
Click on this link for Dina's project sheet:

That's all for now. I have a Hasty Lace project awaiting before I call it a day. What's your favorite "to do" before calling it a day?

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