Saturday, November 1, 2014

A big thank you to everyone who took advantage of the Recycled Rubber sale at Art 'n Soul today . . . Recycled Rubber continues tomorrow from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m., too. Marj and Pam were pleasantly overwhelmed with all of the enthusiasm, fun and discovered treasures everyone found!

The Halloween paper, ribbon and embellishment sale continues as well. A 40% discount is yours at the store on these items. The regular "paper sale box" will return to the store next week. We had to temporarily remove it to make room for all of the new holiday items; it's being cleaned up a bit right now.

On the Heartfelt Creations' blog, they mentioned a neat idea to organize the extra die-cut shapes you accumulate. They put them into empty CD window envelopes.

On the Elizabeth Craft Designs' blog, Candy Spiegel has made an elegant and gorgeous monochromatic card in white that is easily reproduced so you can send this card to many, many people.

by Candy Spiegel for Elizabeth Craft Designs
Click on this link to see the details:

And look at these beautiful tags made by Kelly Booth for Elizabeth Craft Designs. One is a tag and one is a 'treat' tag. Take a look . . .

By Kelly Booth for Elizabeth Craft Designs

By Kelly Booth for Elizabeth Craft Designs

Click on this link to see a couple more tags and the supplies Kelly used to make all four tag projects . . .

Kelly from Hero Arts' has posted a lovely Christmas card and an organizational tip.

by Kelly Rasmussen for Hero Arts
Click on this link for her detailed how-to, including a tip about embossing on vellum:

The organizational tip Kelly shared is here. I like the "new" category because I always want to keep those separate for the first couple of weeks for immediate use, i.e., new stamps, new dies, new stencils, etc.

by Kelly Rasmussen
Click on this link for this blog posting:

I am so excited that Lisa Lee scheduled her latest art form on the Inchie Arts' Art Squares . . . Stendoodling™ developed by Michael Trent. I was so fortunate to take this class at another location this morning. Having taken it, I know you will want to sign up for this class because it is fabulous! It's an art form that allows you to use your stendoodling or zentangling patterns and techniques; however, if you're new to that art form or haven't tried it yet, you have the fun of using already developed patterns from stencils! It's exciting!

Saturday, December 13, 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
STENDOODLE™ WITH ART SQUARES”  Lisa Lee of Inchie Arts $30
Explore pattern and color by combining stencils and Art Squares with
this new technique created by artist and designer Michael
Trent. Each finished piece will become a component on your holiday
themed cards.

by Lisa Lee for Inchie Arts
"StenDoodle™ with Art Squares" Class at Art 'n Soul
Saturday, December 13, 2014

I know Halloween was last night but I just saw this picture on Facebook today. I loved the sushi!

from Facebook

See you tomorrow!

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