Friday, July 11, 2014

Tomorrow's the day! A Play Day at Art 'n Soul on the weekend so those who work during the week may join in on the fun, too! It's going to be a "Splash!" of a time using the Splash Inks from Yasutomo and the Art Squares from Inchie Arts. Both Dianne and Susie will be there to show you easy, fun, and artsy it is!

Photo from Inchie Arts Blog about Splash Inks
These are pics from Lisa Lee's April 27 class at Art 'n Soul when she introduced Splash Inks to us.

And these are two cards made with Splash Inks by me and Dianne! You've seen them before but I thought I'd repeat them again so you can see how easy these Splash Ink'd Art Squares make very nice cards to send.

by Debbie Gaetz
by Dianne Johnson
Be sure to come out and play at Art 'n Soul tomorrow -- Saturday, July 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and you're certainly welcome to stay a little while longer. If you don't have Splash Inks or the Art Squares, they'll be available at the store!

I mentioned before that Magenta's new Fall & Winter Catalog Supplement is out and the designs are all beyond wonderful. At Art 'n Soul, we're already taking 'pink sheet' orders. As you look through the new designs, please keep in mind that some of these will be used in Helene's classes later this month, so you might want to go ahead and place your order because once you take her classes you're going to want the stamps. I just know it . . . and from personal experience. Save the hassle the day of class . . . come on in and put your order together. I wonder if anyone has ever said . . . "just order me one of everything!"

Go to this link to see the new catalog release:

This is a beautiful art journal entry using stamps from Magenta . . .

by Josee Gingas, Design Team Magenta

And Bianca Van Noort has made this beautiful card for Magenta:

by Bianca Van Noort, Design Team Magenta

From the IMAGINE Crafts' blog, a beautiful 'shimmery' card from Artist-in-Residence Isha Gupta.

by Isha Gupta
Artist-in-Residence for IMAGINE Crafts

Penny Black has new "Pocket Treasures" dies that Jill Foster has made several cards with. Here is one of the cards . . .

by Jill Foster for Penny Black
Here's the link so you may see the other cards too:

Cathy Andronicou has made a beautiful butterfly card using IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko's Encore Metallic inks. The link will take you to Cathy's how-to video.

by Cathy Andronicou for IMAGINE Crafts

Dina Kowal always makes interesting projects. For Impression Obsession, she has made a faux metal centerpiece.

by Dina Kowal for Impression Obsession
Here's the link to Dina's how-to which also includes a video:

And I love what Dina created for Inchie Arts . . .

by Dina Kowal for Inchie Arts

This is a very clever Christmas or winter card that you might want to send to a young child using glitter, peel-offs and dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs.  Candy Spiegel has designed this card so there is "more to do" on the front of the card when the card is opened.

by Candy Spiegel for Elizabeth Craft Designs

That's all I have for now that I can easily manage. Yesterday was a stormy, rainy day but it was a relief because it has been so hot. Today is a nice sunny day with a little breeze -- perfecto!

I'm going to share this story on Facebook but for those of you who don't "FB", I wanted you to see this too.

Ceci, who is 2-1/2 years old, loves to play with
her buddy, Gus. He is the most gentle giant with Ceci and
allows her to do anything. She decided to put her scarf into
his collar and use it as a leash.
In the far upper right of the photo is 'the beach." They
have a man-made saltwater lake with sand that you can
play in, just like at the beach. There is a huge dock with
a diving board, paddle boat, and huge 8-man floating device.
The little ones can wade in with their floating devices.
The gazebo at the top left is original from at least 3
generations ago; there was extensive damage last year
from storms in 2012, so the thatched roof was totally
redone this last spring and it's beautiful!

Ceci decided Gus would play a seeing-eye
dog in service while she walked with her eyes closed!
Where do they learn this? 

Gus decided to sit in the shade and chew on a
stick. Ceci wanted to more securely tie the scarf
to his collar and then 'ride' him!

And then some other cuties I saw on the internet . . . Ciao!

Title:  7 Reasons not to eat bacon!

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