Saturday, November 2, 2013

We made it to San Francisco. It was an easy flight in and an easy cab to Jon's apartment overlooking Oakland Bay. We're about a 15-20 minute walk to the AT&T Baseball Park along the waterfront.

This photo was taken while we were chilling on the deck, enjoying the sunny afternoon and looking out towards Oakland. It was about 70 degrees and it felt like a Sunday afternoon. Today looks like a repeat, weather-wise.

Hey, good news! Susie has decided to add another class to the schedule this month. Sign yourselves up soon; after having seen sample cards at the store where Susie learned this technique, I know you will love learning all about it and learning 'with' Susie. What intrigues me even more is learning how to incorporate colored pencils into the mix.

by Susie Tracy for November 24, 2013 Class at Art 'n Soul

WATER-COLORING WITH TOMBOW MARKERS", Sunday, November 24, 1-3 p.m., $28 -- Susie is in love with the newly-found technique of combining Tombow markers with water to create a water-color painting, but she feels she has definitely not mastered it. She is willing to share what she knows (partly because when she doesn't do the Tombow and water technique very well she can show you how to fix it with colored pencils) and hopes you will come to adore the technique as much as she does. Come to the class to learn WITH Susie. You will complete at least 3 card tops — and more if you are brave. Then go home and finish your cards and give them to someone VERY special for the holidays.  Your art will surely look like it belongs in a gallery. If you sign up quickly enough Art 'n Soul can order Tombow markers for you. Otherwise you must bring your own or hope that you can share well with others! Even though you will only create card tops, there will hopefully be some inspiring examples you can "copy". Class Supplies:  as many Tombow markers as you can come up with, and smaller watercolor paint brushes.

Laurel Martin, our outstanding volunteer helper at the store, came up with a terrific idea for using Inka Gold. She has been collecting the falling leaves in her yard and covering them with Inka Gold. Laurel says it is best to cover the leaves while they are still freshly fallen and not yet dried out.

Cool, huh?

From the Penny Black blog, these simple and beautiful holiday cards. One of them features the Penny Black Christmas tree stamp that Patti used in her Christmas card samples for the Christmas Party . . .

Guest Designer: Birgit

OCTOBER 29, 2013
"Birgit highlights the fresh color combo of green and white today on two very elegant cards.

Birgit’s first card features layered stamping using 40-262 Tannenbaum and her second card achieves a memorable look with our Creative Die 51-019 Holly Berries."

We're off to take a walk along the waterfront, the marina and the Farmer's Market.

See you soon!

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