Sunday, October 13, 2013

Marj's Gelli Plate class filled up a long time ago. Today, one of the students had to cancel out so there is one spot left in tomorrow afternoon's class . . . if you are interested, please call the store first thing in the morning. The store opens at 10:00 a.m. and the phone number is 360.357.6820. Whoops! no more openings!

New Halloween Washi Tape is at Art 'n Soul . . .

Yesterday's Artsy Distress Splat class was splats of fun! We learned a lot from Marj, as we always do! This new technique means another new medium to acquire and collect. When you do, you know you're going to find the new Distress Stains extremely versatile and fun to use.

These photos show all that is left . . . be sure to come in and select your favorite colors. I even missed out on some colors because I didn't fill my basket up soon enough!

There are some important tips and techniques recommended by Marj, from opening the container for the first time and getting the ink to flow . . . to easily identifying the color in the bottle.

Marj takes a swipe of each color on white card stock. She then uses a 3/4-inch round punch and adheres the punch out to the top of the bottle top. Kerri took it one step further and added her initials to the punch out.

These are samples that Marj had prepared to inspire us. It's fun to share photos with you of those and the cards for the class.
by Marj Marion

by Marj Marion

by Marj Marion

by Marj Marion

These are the extra samples that Marj shared with us . . .

by Marj Marion
She swiped the distress stains on a textured paper, and
she also made sure to leave some white space.

by Marj Marion
a great example of allowing the "heavy and juicy"
splat to drip down

by Marj Marion
Using metallic and white with droplets of
Inka Gold mixed with water

by Marj Marion
another great texture from . . .
. . . I'm sure you didn't guess that it would be
the reverse side of a cottage cheese foil lid.

by Marj Marion
Marj recommends that when you use a larger
piece of card stock, go ahead and swipe some
extra space that you won't want to splat, giving
you some extra card stock to work with.

by Marj Marion
Yes, Marj colored the Scrabble tiles and tile
holder with the new distress stains. When trying to color
in the very small crevices, use a cotton swab dipped into the

by Marj Marion
Isn't this a cute Christmas card? Marj has used the
seasonal distress colors and a die from Impression Obsession.
Students were lucky to be able to make this as a bonus card
in yesterday's class.

by Marj Marion
This is an extra-large manila tag that Marj
splatted up during class. She found the manila tag
accepts the Distress Stain really well . . . there are
some of these tags at the front counter in 3 sizes.

by Marj Marion

by Marj Marion

by Debbie Gaetz
some colors splat easier than others

by Marj Marion

by Marj Marion
We determined during class that 'splatting' is a good work-out, physically and mentally. Perhaps we could start therapy sessions at Art 'n Soul soon . . . you'd love it! Don't be afraid to splat, just be sure items around your work area are protected unless you want them to have that 'splat look' as well! Marj, we're looking forward to another fun class so we might again splat away the afternoon with you.

Samples of the Halloween Spoo-Books are finally completed and will be at the store when it opens at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. The class is next Sunday . . . I hope you'll be able to join in on the spooky fun!

by Debbie Gaetz for "It's the Spoo-Book" class
Sunday, October 20, from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.

GRAPHIC 45 Steampunk Spells Collection

by Debbie Gaetz for "It's the Spoo-Book" class
Sunday, October 20, from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.
MY MIND'S EYE Happy Haunting Collection

IT'S THE Spoo-BOOK! -- Debbie Gaetz ($35)
Sunday, October 20, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.

You read it correctly. A Spoo-BOOK for Spook Day! This is a fantastic deal for the class price. Each student will receive one of the new Farm House Papers blank books to decorate and embellish with either Graphic 45's Steampunk Spells or My Mind's Eye Happy Haunting collections. In advance you will select which of the two collections you want to enjoy using for your Halloween Spoo-BOOK and you will receive a packet of every paper in the collection, their other embellishments offered in the collection, i.e., chipboard, stickers, et al, to work with. See the samples at the store. Please take a look at your options and sign up quickly because there are limits on product availability for each collection. Please bring your basic class kit to include a paper trimmer, red-line tape, lots of adhesive of choice, pop dots or foam mount tape, and small hole punch or awl.

A message from Marj:

"Debbie……it's hard to toot your own horn, but it must be tooted, so I hope you'll post this on the blog from me.  :)

Marj says….."If you love Halloween, you must come in and see Debbie's amazing Halloween Books.  Choose your favorite to make……if you can!  Debbie has outdone herself with clever book-making techniques, creative use of dies and embellishments and more.  They are really outstanding.  And, all this on top of keeping up with her international family traveling, great blogging for ANS, and continuing to bring great paper, ribbons and embellishments to Art 'n Soul for our enjoyment.  Hats off to Debbie!""

Thanks, Marj!

That's all for tonight. I have a lot more to post tomorrow, so please check back soon. 

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