Thursday, September 5, 2013

Continuing our learning experience from Maryjo McGraw's Art Journal class at Art 'n Soul last Sunday . . .

Gray is an important color to have in your stash. It will help tone down a bright color when you need to as shown below.

color comparison between original and with gray tone
by Maryjo McGraw
When we worked on facial drawing, we started by finding a face we liked in a magazine. Using tracing paper, we 'traced' the outline of the face, eye, eyelid, eyebrow, nose and lips. On the reverse side of the tracing paper, we used a charcoal pencil and rubbed the pencil behind all of the tracing lines (like you would do with a 'rubbing' from a stone). Then we put the tracing paper where we wanted the face, rubbing side down. With a pencil, we firmly re-traced all of the lines so the image would transfer.

Facial drawing transfer by Maryjo McGraw 
Facial drawing transfer by Maryjo McGraw
Facial drawing transfer by Maryjo McGraw
And from there we worked on the coloring, contouring and shadowing to make the face stand out.

You can go to Maryjo's blog to see more about art journaling at this link:

There are some tools that you'll want in your art journaling kit . . . black and gray charcoal; oil pastels; Pan Pastels; Sharpie Poster Paint marker; white colored pencil; Magic Rub Eraser. Susie is exploring how we might be able to bring some of these art supplies to Art 'n Soul that we're not presently offering. In the meantime, you may purchase the white colored pencil and Pan Pastels at Art 'n Soul.

you can tell Maryjo's eraser is well-loved

More terrific tips about good printing paper to use from Maryjo:
  • Reeves BFK
  • Canson Edition
  • Arches Cover
  • Fabriano Hot Press
  • Canson XL watercolor and mixed media
  • Strathmore
She also said she likes to use cold press watercolor paper because it is smooth on both sides.

I'll share the Gelli Plate fun we had on Saturday on my next post.

From IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko® Facebook page, a great little 'favor' bag from Artist-in-Residence Maureen Cronin . . . click on the link to see how easy these are to make on Maureen's blog.
from Maureen Cronin, Artist-in-Residence
for IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko®

From the Memory Box blog . . .

by Bibiana Martinez-Ziegler for Memory Box
"A Halloween Triangular Diorama by Bibiana! with VIDEO!! published at the Spanish Blog; "a Crear se dijo":ía-de-la-brujas.html"

Sorry I haven't been around the past day or two . . . there is so much going on and not enough hours in the day that my body can remain upright! It will even out, I promise! But I'm not foregoing my class time with Fred Mullett tonight at Art 'n Soul! I missed the staff dinner last night with Fred and I know I missed out on great conversation and lots of fun laughs! See you soon, Fred!

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