Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More stamps arrived at Art 'n Soul today from Lost Coast Designs in wood and cling mount. Very cool designs!

I love this cat!

Dianne is just over-the-moon about these stamps and can't wait to show them to you at the store.

While you're at Art 'n Soul, be sure to check out the peel-offs that would be perfect for the guy in your life. These particular designs are appropriate for Father's Day, birthday, graduation, sports award, or a 'you're an awesome dude!' card. They come in the black (as shown), as well as gold and, in some instances, silver.

From Imagine Crafts, a very cute card from AIR Maureen Cronin . . .

Spring is here in the Northwest! Finally!!
This month’s Artist’s Choice Project for IMAGINE Crafts is all about Spring!
Spring dresses watermark
Finished size 4.25″ x 6″
Fireworks: Lulu Lavender, Summer Sky & Angel Pink
Starlite Silver Brilliance
1.5″ circle punch
1.75″ scalloped circle punch
Mini flower punch
White shimmer paper
Silver cardstock
White paper scraps
3x 1.5″ ribbon pieces
Adhesive & dimensional tape
22 gauge wire, jewelry pliers – or purchase small hanger embellishments like this
Start by spritzing 3 white paper scraps with each of the Fireworks: Lulu Lavender, Summer Sky & Angel Pink, let dry completely.
Punch a scalloped circle from each color. Using the circle punch, trim 3 scallops from one side of the circle, skip 2 scallops and trim another 3 scallops from the other side – viola! a dress!
Punch additional scalloped circles from white shimmer paper, trim edges, run edges along Starlite Silver Brilliance ink pad.  Line up the white scallops with the edges of ‘dress’. Adhere to the back.
Cut a short piece of silver string, adhere to back of dress in the center, then loop each end and adhere edges to back.
Punch a lot of small flowers from shimmer paper and ‘decorate’ each of the dresses. Add ribbon to each ‘waist’ and add a flower detail.
Punch 3 circles from shimmer paper and adhere to card. ‘Hang’ each dress & adhere with adhesive and dimensional tape.
Dresses angle watermark
This is so, so cute and just my style! 
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Shopping at other rubber stamping and scrapbooking stores helps put into perspective just how special Art 'n Soul is. There is no other store like Art 'n Soul in the northwest area within at least a 60-mile radius, if not more.

Art 'n Soul carries a wide variety of art mediums so you can be as creative as you want to be, and we're continually looking at new products to bring you.

And I don't know of any other store, anywhere, that allows you the opportunity to actually shop through a manufacturer's catalog of stamps and select what you want to order! Normally, the store imagines what you would like, orders it, and puts it on the shelf. If you don't like it, you move on. At Art 'n Soul, you have the chance to order exactly what you want and in the format you want depending upon the choices the manufacturer offers. And the dynamic staff at Art 'n Soul is always 'at the ready' to demonstrate just how cool our products are and answer your technical questions.

While our small, locally-owned independent store cannot carry the variety you might find at the big box stores, we carry more punch in the type of quality products for the creative soul. Their purchasing power is much greater than ours and because of that, their selling price may be a little lower.

BUT, their purchases are not as individually thought of with you in mind. We know there are products they carry that we do not; in those instances, we encourage you to shop there and use your coupon(s). There is room for all of us.

For the products we do offer at Art 'n Soul, we ask that you keep the balance by supporting our locally-owned independent store and purchase what you might want at Art 'n Soul when it is available to you and not at the big box stores. Otherwise, the big box stores continue to dominate and push out the small independent stores, especially in this fragile economic environment. In the last 2-3 years, we've witnessed unfortunate small store closures in the greater Puget Sound area.

All of us at Art 'n Soul want to continue offering you the best in fine art rubber stamps, art supplies, papers, ribbons and superb classes. 

Your patronage, support and loyalty is never taken for granted and we thank you for always remembering Art 'n Soul is here for you! We love seeing each and everyone of you walk through our door . . . and we look forward to meeting more new folks in the days to come!

Here's the ending humor for the day:


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