Thursday, March 21, 2013

My AIR challenge project for Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko this month was to use Tsukineko's All Purpose Inks on fabric. I had just been to the west coast Sewing Expo in Puyallup and discovered "Treasures of the Gypsy" by Pamela from New Mexico. She only sells at consumer shows and is down to 7 per year, so I knew I had to purchase one of her beautiful silk fabrics.

For this two-part project, I cut a piece of that beautiful silk fabric and applied Jacquard Products' "No Flow" to the reverse side with Imagine Crafts' Ink Blushers. I made sure that the No Flow was applied evenly and thoroughly. No Flow inhibits the inks from spreading.

I let the silk fabric dry overnight.

I found a stamp from Denami Design that I liked for this project and used Rusty Brown StazOn.

After allowing the stamped ink to dry, I went back over a 'few' of the stamped lines, applying Tangerine All-Purpose Ink.

I began painting with the API colors using small, stiff brushes to apply the colors.

I also combined some of the API colors to make a shade of green that I wanted and a lighter shade of purple.

Using the Tsukinkeo's Ink Droppers,
I combined Banana Cream, Tropical Lagoon and
Green Apple API's to make the 'bluer' of the
two green colors. I mixed Thistle and Frost White
API's to make the lighter lavender color.

Using a very thin stiffened brush tip, I very lightly applied spots of Vegas Gold API to the leaves; if the color went on heavier than I wanted, I took a wooden uncolored toothpick to scratch the color around. I also used the tip of a Fantastix dipped into the Vegas Gold API to make the gold dots.

Please stay tuned. I have a few more embellishments for this side of the project. For the backside of this project, I will be using a totally different application of API's to fabric.

I'll be back . . .

Products used:
  • Tsukineko:  All-Purpose Inks; StazOn; Ink Droppers; Ink Blushers; Fantastix
  • Denami Designs Rubber Stamp (2001)
  • Jacquard Products:  No Flow
  • Treasures of the Gypsy (New Mexico):  silk fabric

I wasn't able to show you the Washi Tape that arrived yesterday at Art 'n Soul . . . here they are! Like I said earlier, the sooner you stop into the store, the better a selection you'll enjoy. If you see something you just have to add to your stash, you are also welcome to call the store and make arrangements at 360.357.6820!

It's been so nice to be back . . . I have taken charge and dismissed the 'sick bug' to go away. A slow retreat is taking place, finally!

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