Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Art 'n Soul's Journal Club met last Friday. Dianne was able to capture some of their current work . . . creative artistic work we always enjoy viewing!

by Cindy Sharp

I think this journal artistry by Judy Daugherty partially
captures some of her recent trip to Maui.

Gloria Walker's Journal Artistry

I am quite excited; I'd be more excited if I had the time to work with it right away. Alas, it will have to wait until next week. What is it? It's the We R MemoryKeepers' Envelope Punch Board. It's the latest hot tool from the CHA Winter Show in January, and the company didn't plan for the booming success it would be . . . they sold out and the new shipment isn't going to be available until sometime in mid- to late April! I was lucky to find one . . . we want to try it out and if it's as good as they say, we're going to want you to have access to it through Art 'n Soul!

We are always thrilled when customers bring in projects they're working on or have completed. Nicole Harper brought in this Easter Egg that she made out of paper!

by Nicole Harper

I'll leave you tonight with this thought . . .

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