Sunday, January 27, 2013

The blog will be updated this evening or tomorrow morning. I have been rather busy prepping for the Graphic 45 Bird Song Calendar Class this afternoon at Art 'n Soul, as well as moving about 1/3 of my studio into the car for the class (lol!).

I have lots of information to share . . . later!

Thank you for understanding . . . you're the best!

"Some images are just plain extraordinary -- and often, the photographer has invested a great deal of time and effort to make that image happen. Photographer Dave Morrow describes the process of making this image in early October 2012:

"I went up to Sunrise Point at Mt. Rainier last weekend with my buddy Keith. After a lame sunset, we waited for the Milky Way to come out. The placement was just perfect & the sky was pitch black! Time to jack up the ISO and shoot some stars… This was one of many from the night:)"

Visit Rainier on a beautiful day, and you'll get a great photograph. Stick around for the sunset, and you'll often get an exceptional photograph. Wait till the chill of October sets in on a clear night, and stand around fiddling with your camera for a few hours in the dark... and the results just might be extraordinary."

From the Appalachian Country

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