Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Art 'n Soul's Inchie Club meets tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join in . . . it's free and fun. This is a reminder to anyone attending to bring an Inchie that will be part of a special Inchie Collage for our fellow charter member, Sandra Gallo, who is courageously continuing through the challenges of advanced lung cancer. I know that collage will mean the world to her, and it will be such a nice added surprise to show off in her new assisted-living apartment.

Art 'n Soul made the Inchie Arts blog last month.

A recent photo cards class

"It was the final card in the class...
The directions were to pick 3 photos from a table full of 4 X 6 garden photos of varying degrees of quality.
Then using a 7/8" punch...punch out 9 squares.
Then attach the photos to black Inchie Arts Inchie Squares and mount on a card.
These are the results....





The results are just stunning....
A very sincere thank you to the class participants from Art N Soul in Lacey, Washington for allowing me to share their work. We had so much fun that we are planning a 'workshop' class to spend 2 hours doing nothing but making cards using this technique!"
Thank YOU, Lisa, for sharing the creativity of our store's very talented students. We're very anxious to see you again soon for another inspiring class!
If you want to see more of Lisa's blog, go to www.inchiearts.typepad.com and enjoy!

One of our customers, Harriet Trobman, is a member of a card-swapping club. This is a card she made that I thought was quite clever; Harriet traced the bird stencil from Magenta on various designer papers, cut out the shapes, and used them on her collage-type card.
by Harriet Trobman

Tomorrow, I'll post pics from John Petersen's box class that was held earlier this month. What I thought was pollen allergies causing a cough and somewhat hoarse throat is now developing into a chest cold of sorts; I sound like a guy who has smoked 8 packs of cigarettes a day and feel like his chest when I cough, not to mention my sore throat. So I'm off to bed early tonight after a big drink of vitamin-C enriched cranberry juice. Thanks for understanding my brief post tonight.

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