Thursday, March 29, 2012

No time to blog right now . . . off to help package more items for the Benefit Craft Sale that happens on Saturday. Today is our last day to package before we move it all to the sale site tomorrow. At least 6 carloads of items have been added to what we've been trying to sort, package and price . . . yikers!

It was a long day yesterday with a class and then Inchies Club. Both Sue and I want to thank everyone who took yesterday's "Four Times the Fun" class . . . we had lots of fun with each of you and your class fee will help our friend Sue Burkley purchase craft supplies  . . . she lost everything at the beginning of the month to a devastating house fire. I have great pics to share with all of you when I get back to the blog later tonight.

In the meantime, make something pretty to offset the dreary outside . . . or make your outside pretty by coming into Art 'n Soul cos' there are lots of pretties to see!


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