Friday, December 2, 2011

Recycled Rubber begins tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 10:00 a.m., and Sunday morning at 12:00 noon. Great opportunities for great bargains . . . and a great chance to also look at all of the new goodies that have been arriving daily at Art 'n Soul. And you might also want to sign up for Lisa Lee's Holiday Cards and Projects with Inchie Arts class that takes place on Saturday, December 10, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

by Lisa Lee, Owner, Inchie Arts

2 samples of the 4 cards that will be made in class.
The bird and egg stamp from Rubber Moon is currently
available at Art 'n Soul, but you better be quick!

by Lisa Lee, Owner, Inchie Arts

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 11 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.
Lisa Lee, Owner of Inchie Arts

From photos, to stamping and coloring, create an assortment of cards with a holiday theme and a variety of art techniques.  Get a ton of new ideas as you work with Inchie Arts – Art Squares in 1”, 1 ½ “, and 2” sizes.  Lisa’s classes are super – you will not want to miss this one!   Please bring your basic class kit.

From Heartfelt Creations' blog, one of the most beautiful handmade ornaments I've ever seen  . . .

Products Used on This Project HCPC 3415 Petite Poinsettia PreCut Set
HCD 716 Layered Elegant Swirl Die Set
HCD 705 Holly -Ornament Die Set
Spellbinders Layered Poinsettia

Inks: Tsukineko StazOn (Jet Black)
Paper: Bazzill Cardstock, DCWV (The Metallic Stack)
Accessories: ribbon, Stickles (Crystal), Recollections adhesive rhinestones,

beads, metal bead findings, beading thread

Size: 4 1/2" Cut 4, 4 1/2" squares from blue cardstock, using the scalloped edge die from "Layered Elegant Swirl Die" set, cut a full circle from each square. Cut 8, 4 1/2" squares from blue metallic cardstock, using the decorative swirl half circle die from the same set as above, cut a full decorative circle from each square. Using a scoring board, score all the circles down the middle and fold in half. Starting with the blue cardstock circles, glue them back to back making sure to glue only 3 sides. Take 2 metallic decorative circles and glue back to back, now glue each single side to the blue cardstock, repeat this step until you have adhered all 8 circles. Using some beading thread, bead some crystal beads and silver bead findings, placing the thread through the middle of the ornament, at the top take thread and tie around some ribbon for hanging, run thread down middle of ornament again, glue the cardstock together to secure thread and close ornament. Using a needle and more beading thread, please small round beads in between each panel of the ornament to keep the spacing even. For the poinsettia, stamp the following with images from the "Petite Poinsettia" set on metallic cardstock with black StazOn ink; 4-second size from large flower, 2-next size down, shape with embossing tools and adhere together, each poinsettia has 3 layers. Cut 4 holly leaves using the large die from "Holly-Ornament" die set, adhere to poinsettia, adhere to ribbon as pictured.

Add a rhinestone to center and stickles to the petals.

From the blog of Tim Holtz, Tag 2 of his 12 Tags of Christmas:

12 tags of christmas...tag 2

DSC00771"one thing that's for certain when it comes to 12 tags is that there is no theme or agenda for me to follow. simply whatever inspires me that very moment. some of the tags turn out rather elaborate (like yesterday's), and others are perfect in their simplicity (like today). what i love about today's tag is that it's made from kraft paper - i love kraft paper. usually most people don't think to use brown craft paper for christmas, but once you know a trick or to, i think it makes the perfect shabby vintage palette. okay, enough chatter let's get going...

supplies: craft sheet, distress stain/picket fence/frayed burlap, distress ink/winter seasonal/peeled paint/vintage photo, glossy accents, metallic paint dabber/gold, sticky-back canvas/natural, perfect pearl mist/pearl, #8 manila tags; seasonal kraft resist, seasonal muse tokens, trinket pins, trimmings, jump rings, long fasteners, sanding grip, texture hammer, design ruler, grungeboard, adornments; sizzix dies/reindeer flight/on the edge ornate; scissors, paper distresser, craft pick, scratch tool; pine stem, burlap, double-stick tape


step 1: select a sheet from the seasonal kraft resist pad. this pad has designs in 12x12 as well as 6x6 which is perfect to tags.


step 2: apply a generous layer of adhesive to a #8 tag.


step 3:  adhere kraft resist paper to the tag. *note: line the 6x6 paper to the top of the tag leaving the bottom exposed.



step 4: trim excess paper around tag.


step 5: shake the (picket fence) distress stain well - there is a mixing ball inside.


step 6: remove top and begin swiping across the kraft resist tag
covering up the entire surface.


step 7: once the tag is covered and while the stain is wet,
gently blot the resist design with a dry cloth
(since the stain is really semi-opaque).


step 8: leave the tag alone...don't dry it, just leave it...
hard to do i know, but you only have to wait a minute or so for the stain
to absorb into the paper.


step 9: once the picket fence stain has absorbed into the paper and
you begin to see the background designs, you can dry the tag with a
heat tool. *note: the piece on the right shows what happens if you
immediately heat the picket fence stain - it turns bright white since
it didn't get a chance to soak in.


step 10: using you ink blending tool, begin dabbing distress ink (any color)
over areas of the background paper you wish to color.
*in this case i started with the holly.


step 11: next up, the berries. remember just lightly dab the ink on to tint the background. since the inks are translucent, they take on some of the
white picket fence effect and look like chalk.


step 12: ink the edges of the tag using your ink blending tool
(i used iced spruce of course, i cant help it).


step 13: next, shake perfect pearl mists very well -
there is a mixing ball in these too.


step 14: this parts a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it,
it's cool...hold your fingers around the top and sides of the mister,
and as you press down, squeeze the sides basically causing the
mister to "splatter" the mist vs. misting it.


step 15: immediately dry the splatter with a heat tool
(in other words, don't let this stuff soak in).



step 16: this will create more of a droplet effect, and since
it's perfect pearls mist, these drops will dry pearlescent
looking like snow flurries.


step 17: drag paper distresser along edges of the tag.


step 18: ink the tattered edges with distress ink
(frayed burlap) using an ink blending tool.


step 19: place a piece of natural stick-back canvas on to a piece of grungeboard.


step 20: die-cut the reindeer flight die.


step 21: using on the standing deer for this tag, ink the edges
with distress ink (frayed burlap) using an ink blending tool.


step 22: place the inked, canvas-covered, grungeboard deer on a scrap of
chipboard and using my retractable scratcher tool, scuff the edges
causing the canvas to fray as if areas were tattered and torn. i use the
scratch tool on the edges of die cut fabric all of the time to give it that
torn look (especially on my tattered florals).


step 23: die cut grungeboard from one the edge die using just the
leftover strip of trim. we can save the other piece for another project.


step 24: trim the strip to fit the bottom of the tag to cover the exposed strip.


step 25: paint the grunge with gold metallic paint dabber and let dry.


step 26: place on chipboard scrap and sand and scuff the edges with a
sanding grip to expose some of the grunge.


step 27: ink the sanded grunge with distress ink (vintage photo)
using an ink blending tool.


step 28: adhere the strip to the bottom of the tag with glossy accents.


step 29: place the tag on a piece of cork or foam and set the design ruler
over the grunge strip (the side with the holes through the ruler).
 the neat thing about this side of the ruler is that it also has a centering point,
so you can center "0" in the middle of your tag which i've done.
*note: i have video showing the features of the design ruler here.



step 30: using a craft pick, i pierce a hole through the center hole of the ruler into the grunge (but i don't try to pierce all the way through at this point, just enough to make a mark). then i'll be able to evenly space my other holes on each side just by counting the squares to whatever you want.


step 31: once i remove the ruler, i can take my pick and really create larger holes
since grunge is pretty thick it's easier to pierce through without the ruler there.


step 32: insert brads through each hole.


step 33: open the back of the brads on the back of the tag.


step 34: place tag on hammer mat and using the bump tip of the texture
hammer, begin tapping to the tops of the brads to create dents.


step 35: continue until the desired look is achieved...i absolutely love
using the texture hammer on brads since i think it makes them look like little weathered nails. i also use it over craft metal and even staples to dent.
(sorry to say the texture hammer has been discontinued earlier this year,
but i won't stop using it because of that. check your local store or online
if you want to get one before they're all gone). 
*note: i have a video showing the features of the texture hammer here.


step 36: to embellish the deer, cut a piece of small pine stem and bend into
a small wreath for the deer (these are like chenille stems or pipe cleaners you can
find at some craft stores around christmas time - not easy to find though).


step 37: thread a star adornment on to small jute.


step 38: wrap the jute around the neck of the deer a few times and tie in a knot.


step 39: slip the wreath over the deer's head and secure in back
with a dab of hot glue.


step 40: apply a piece of foam tape to the back of the deer.


step 41: press the deer on the tag to secure.


step 42: stain a piece of trimmings with distress stain or ink (frayed burlap),
and cut a strip of scrap burlap.


step 43: tie both through the top of the tag and pull the edges of the burlap to fray.


step 44: place ends of trimmings ribbon on scrap chipboard and
scratch ends with scratcher tool to fray also, neat huh?


step 45: select a holiday muse token.


step 46: sand over the raised area with a sanding grip.


step 47: see what the sanding does? it removes the antiquing
from the raised areas which makes it pop.


step 48: attach the token to a trinket pin with a jump ring and pin
through ribbon and burlap on top of the tag - all done!


the details: i really like the tattered effect the canvas deer gives to this shabby tag.


the details: i also like the subtle coloring by using distress inks
over the picket fence stain."

Several of the products used by Tim are sold at Art 'n Soul. You may also order his products by filling out one of those beautiful pink sheets.

And now the pics from Monte Carlo, Monaco. Can I just say WOW and you'll totally understand? As you view these, if you tire of looking at the boat shots, it's because Tom was head-over-heels in his element drooling over those water beauties.

A view of 'the rock' from above. It was quite a drive down the
hillside to the principality of Monaco and the city of Monte Carlo.
Driving in Monte Carlo and getting from Point A to Point B
can be extremely frustrating but it's worth the effort to
see the beauty all around.

the waters are so colorful and clear

The Grand Casino
We had to pay 10 Euro's each to gain entrance to the main floor.
It is not that big and very quiet. It is ALL business at this
casino; I've been in noisier libraries. The table minimums
are quite hefty, except we did see a 5 Euro Roulette table.
I think I recall seeing a total of 7 or 8 tables.
Electronic gaming machines are discreetly placed in another area
on the far side of the gaming tables. Tom was more impressed
with the luxury cars parked out front.

this is the main lobby of the Hotel de Paris
adjacent to the Grand Casino.
you can only enter the hotel if you are a
registered guest; they allowed us to come
in and stand to the side of the main doors
while supervised by the bell captain. I really
wanted to put myself under the chandelier so
I could get a pic of that beautiful ceiling stained glass, mural or tile
(I don't know what it is exactly but it looks beautiful).

The Princess Grace Theatre
you can tell how loved the Princess was; reminders of her
are all over the city.

When Tom and I were growing up, lunching on the
French Riviera in Monte Carlo was only something
we saw in the movies. And I've always dreamed
of coming to the place where Princess Grace &
Prince Rainier met and were married, and where
they filmed Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief.

one of the many hillsides;
the entire city and principality are
built into the hillsides.

when you were growing up, did
you ever think your name would
be honored in the city you were born in?

they have an annual Christmas Festival
that starts tomorrow, December 3 (after we've been there!).
they were busy setting up all of the little cabins,
carefully laying the carpets down, and stringing
all of the holiday lighting that include the rooftops
of every cabin.

I had to take this pic because the sunlight
reflecting on the rock wall was so beautiful;
to the left of this is Mt. Angel where the
golf and country club are.

up on 'the rock', we strolled up the narrow
street toward the Palace. the pedestrian and vehicle traffic
are closely supervised by the police who are very polite.
only autos with license plates issued by the principality
of Monaco may drive up to the rock; otherwise you are
directed up another roadway to a large parking plaza that
you must then take elevators and walk to the very top.

these little pups are on the counter in
a salon that sells beautiful evening gowns. the
windows to the salon are floor-to-ceiling size
onto the street, and this was the view inside.
they reminded me of Hannah, so I had to take a pic.

views of Port Hercule and Monte Carlo from 'the rock'

these are views of Port de Fontveille that
is directly below the Palace on the other side of 'the rock'
from Port Hercule

a twilight view of The Palace; if you look
to the right of the left guard door, you might see
the Sentry that marches back and forth in
front of the main entrance to the Palace.

I'm not sure what this building was but I loved the lights.
it is directly across the plaza from The Palace.

This is the building that accommodates all of the official offices of
Monaco's government.

On each side of The Palace, cannons and precise stacks of
cannonballs started my imagination working . . .
defending The Palace, celebrating with the shooting of cannons that
I think happened when Grace Kelly first arrived in Monaco for
her wedding to The Prince.

the holiday lights are up; the hanging
rectangles are representative of their principality's flag.
I am so lucky that Tom bought me a gold charm
of their flag to add to my 'travel' bracelet.

another festive holiday welcome as you
arrive atop 'the rock' from the elevator
and short walk to the start of the town center.

Time to say goodnight buonanotte
(goodnight). Tomorrow we're planning to go
into the Center of Milan.
I wish for you Sweet Shopping at Art 'n Soul!

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