Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's hard to believe that we're at the 10th Day of the 12 Days of Christmas at Art 'n Soul. Just walking into the store and filling out a ticket puts your name into the Grand Prize drawing on Friday, the 12th Day! TODAY is a great celebration . . .

On the tenth day of Christmas, my Art ‘n Soul gave to me, 15% off my whole purchase. Wednesday, dec. 21 only!

Gail Hesseholt brought in her Magenta chipboard cat that she's beautifully embellished as a gift for a special friend.

by Gail Hesseholt

Gail used peel-offs (including the glitter dot peel-offs),
flowers, bling, and Tsukineko's GooseBumps!

Don't you like the texture the GooseBumps make on the chipboard . . . no powders, no heat tool . . . just spray and let dry. Love them GooseBumps!

Susie has been very busy squeezing in art time amidst her holiday preparations. She's enjoying the new stamps from The Artful Stamper.

by Susie Tracy

by Susie Tracy

deaR saNta,
i aM toLd i haVe beeN a VeRy gooD giRl moSt oF thE yeAr. i coUld bE GooDeR iF yoU bRouGht mE a giFt cErtiFicAtE fRoM aRt \n souL. iT wouLd bE sMall eNouGh foR yoU to sLip iNTo youR pocKeT anD tHen yOu woNt gEt sTucK coMiNg doWn tHe cHimNey. aNd tHey aRe dEcoRatEd sO yOu dOnT hAve tO woRRy abOuT wRappiNg.
yOuR faiThfUl cRafTy fRieNd aRTy!

p.S. i wouLd lEavE yOu cOOkiEs buT i waNt yOu tO gEt bacK uP thE cHimnEy. xXoo

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