Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. It is the one day that we set aside each year to recognize how thankful we are for the family and friends in our life, the many blessings each and every day that we receive, and the opportunity to live in this free land because of some very independent and very brave individuals  who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to make the beginnings of a new country. Have you ever thought where your life would be today if all of that had not happened? To continue the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy, members of our armed forces defend our rights around the world; their sacrifices are many on our behalf and we must remember them in our day of thanks as well.

I will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday in Milan. We arrived today and the city was beautiful with blue skies, sunshine and mild temperatures that are supposed to continue through the weekend.

In the neighborhood we are staying, we walked around the park and along the canal, one of two that Leonardo da Vinci built for the city.

From the same spot, looking both ways up and down the canal. 

Slight variation between the two shots and
I couldn't decide which of the two was the
better one, so I decided to post both!

A new Christmas Shoppe on the same
block as our Bed & Breakfast Hotel. I think
I'm going to need to stop in while we're here.

About an hour before we left for the airport on Wednesday, I did stop into the store and discovered these new sample cards for you to enjoy.

by Susie Tracy

by Susie Tracy

by Susie Tracy

by Susie Tracy

That's about all of the adventure I can handle for one day. I did have a funny experience during our layover at Charles deGaulle Airport outside Paris. We were in the airline lounge and I used their computer to check emails; I discovered the French keyboard is different from ours. I had to re-learn the 'hunt-and-peck' system of typing. For instance, our w key is the s key; you use the shift key when typing in a period; the @ symbol is a 3rd symbol on a number key and requires a special 'control' key to use with it.

Off to bed I go . . . tomorrow is another day to spend with our new granddaughter, Ceclia. Just like everyone else has said that has met her, especially her mom, it was 'love at first sight.' I can't wait to get my arms around her again tomorrow.


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