Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can it really be Thursday so soon? I've been waiting for my week to begin!

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day . . . honoring those who have and who are currently serving our country in defense of our freedoms and the American way of life. For many workers, it's a holiday. If it's a holiday for you, come on over to the store . . . our Magenta and Ecstasy orders arrived today, and Memory Box is scheduled for delivery tomorrow (i.e., stamps, dies and paper). Susie's at the store all day . . . come on in and say 'hi'!

There is also a new supply of chipboard. I just saw how low we are on Webster's Pages Botanical Christmas paper, so an order will be placed tomorrow . . . I just love our holiday papers this year from Webster's Pages, Memory Box, Graphic 45 and the new "Color Me Softly" papers from Magenta. We are so lucky!

see my note at the end of these pics about the
tree stamp!

not pictured is the new 'seasonal' cat stamp . . .
she's gorgeous and it's Sasha, Susie's cat.

look at these pink sheets, just waiting to be picked up!

with all of the products out there,
don't forget to use your Magenta stencils!

Susie made two sample cards from the same Magenta tree stamp I referenced in the first photo. It shows you can have such totally different looks from the same stamp, allowing you to make quite a few cards from one stamp using different colors, techniques and materials. Everyone on your Christmas card list will be in awe at the variety of personalized cards sent out by only you!

by Susie Tracy

by Susie Tracy

That's what we love about Magenta stamps. They are so well made that it's very easy to use them with various materials, art mediums and techniques; and know that you're going to have a high degree of success the first go-around.

Customers who purchased the reindeer laser-cut chipboard and had difficulties taking the die-cut out, please come to the store for your 12x12 replacement chipboard sheet and a small token gift from Magenta. Another reason we love Magenta . . . they stand behind their products 100% with no questions asked!

In the journaling world, the Smash* Journal from K & Company is a real hit. Bella Carta at Art 'n Soul is offering a few of those; I noticed that one or two members of our Journal Club had started using them. Right after the first of the year, I'm almost certain we will have found a way to make our own version. As I look through the Smash* Journal, I can easily compare it to Mary Ann Moss' Remains of the Day journals. It's a great way to 'instantly' tuck parts of your day into something you can look back on, with or without photos, with or without embellishment and/or ephemera. What's fun is the Smash* Journal also comes with a dual-purpose pen . . . one end is a pen and the other end is a glue stick. Check it out!

And for our journaling afficionados, we've also brought in a few "Ready-To-Go!" Blank Canvas Books. Sam couldn't keep her hands off and immediately took one to play with. She's bringing it, and her Smash* Journal, to Journal Club tomorrow afternoon.

Sam Lee's 'work in progress' on the Canvas Journal
(the leaf is a real one taken from her yard)

Marj is excited about the new Color Solution alcohol inks from Dreamweaver Stencils. Lynelle just sent us this flyer about their new product and it's on the stencil screen . . .

Marj says one of the advantages
of the Dreamweaver Color Solution alcohol inks
is the delayed drying time compared to
other alcohol inks we've used in the past.
Dreamweaver Color Solution alcohol inks
allow you to do more mixing and blending.

Look what Marj did with her
Dreamweaver Color Solution alcohol inks . . .

by Marj Marion

Marj is using the new Dreamweaver Color Solution alcohol inks in her stencil class next Tuesday evening. I think there were a couple of spots left the last time I looked . . . check with the store by calling 360.357.6820.

Speaking of classes, Tamara Hyde's Holiday Gift Tags class on Saturday, November 27, features 4 very clever tags you'll want to use on those special gifts, including gift cards. The tags are quite charming.

by Tamara Hyde

Clever doesn't even begin to describe one of the latest Marj creations. She found this old box frame in Recycled Rubber and gave it a new life using our Halloween papers. (She displayed this treasure at the store's Christmas Party on October 23, but of course I missed the entire event and this fun project.)

Project by Marj Marion
(a picture of a picture)

What is especially clever about this project is the fact there are Christmas papers on the backside of the Halloween papers. The background papers are 'reversible' so she can instantly make this Halloween treasure into a very nice Christmas decoration. It's also a great way to show off your stamps for the current holiday! I think I heard that Deb K.'s first words to Marj were "I hate you" with a huge admiring smile at Marj's latest invention. All of us at the store aspire to be as clever and talented as Marj. I'm sure that whoever brought this frame in for Recycled Rubber day is sorry they don't own it anymore!

Saturday is "Buy Local" Day . . . buy from your local independent neighborhood store to support their efforts to remain a viable member of the community. Art 'n Soul is about as local and independent as a retailer can get. Every purchase made with a local independent neighborhood store strengthens our community, and helps us remain open for business . . . especially in this tight, economical environment.

We appreciate your business and
value your loyalty!

Thank you!

Susie, Debbie, Marj, Deb & Dianne

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