Sunday, October 9, 2011

Take in the beautiful work from Magenta

More beautiful samples from Magenta, photographed at their headquarters outside Montreal, Quebec, last week:

Magenta adhesive-backed cork,
peel-offs, alochol inks and
Art Quest watercolors.

This is an 'envelope flap' stamp that
can easily be used as a card topper, too!
Either way, this stamp makes gorgeous 'some-things!'

White Prismacolor colored pencil,
Smooch, and Art Quest watercolors
used on the beautiful frame . . . see
how the white lines give the soft illusion
of a plaid pattern filled in with the
ArtQuest watercolor techniques.

I'm always inspired when I look at the work of the talented artists at Magenta, i.e., Helene, Nathalie and Valerie!

I shall leave you with this cool image I took from a friend's Facebook posting . . . look closely.

Steve Jobs

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