Thursday, October 13, 2011

Penny Black is one of our 'open catalog' companies at the Christmas Party on Sunday, October 23. From the Penny Black blog today . . .

Penny Black Stickers by Peet

by Jenyfur

Peet Roeven did beautiful work with our new stickers, "Christmas at Dusk";

Peet created a classic card as well as a modern card using stickers from the same collection - brilliant!

Peet also used our designer paper, "Script Foil" for her background. We have one more sticker project for you tomorrow then we're back all next week with fun and fanciful gift tag ideas!

The Penny Black stickers are so nice; I've used them in the past for a quick holiday card. After seeing these cards, I'm going to have to find my PB sticker stash (what little remains) and think about new ways to use them. You might want to think about ordering a few at the Christmas party (or before) on the 23rd!

 "Being annoyed is a waste of your life. Be peaceful, calm and powerful instead."
My add-on . . . "and make rubber stamp art!"

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