Friday, September 9, 2011

It's the Pan Pastels

Today (Friday) is Journal Club at 4:00 p.m. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to . . . each month it's a terrific surprise!

We had so much fun in Marj's Pan Pastel class last night. Everyone was very attentive to her instructions, and then everyone was busy doing what they do best . . . creating! As I show you the class projects, I hope I correctly match up the names with the photos!

by Pam McCartney

The soft applications of the green Pan Pastels, and then
using Versamark, a soft buffing with a Swiffer cloth, 4 stamps, and Versafine ink. I told Marj this is
the card that yelled at me to sign up for the class!

by Mary Underland

A wide watercolor brush with a tiny amount of water
swept across the Pan Pastel . . . ahh, the mysteries
begin to reveal themselves when we listen to Marj.

by Sandra Dinwiddie
Here is Sandra using the water wash across her Pan Pastel background.

by Christine Wagner
Showing both of her water brushing applications . . .
Marj is sooo clever in discovering various techniques
with the different mediums. We're sure happy she
loves Pan Pastels so we can learn all the ways to use them.

by Sue Cohen
Working from the bottom up, Sue's background
is made by layering her Pan Pastel applications with
"mountain" masks (torn strips) of Judikins' Eclipse Tape.

by Jeanie Coen
After creating the mountain background and
setting the Pan Pastels with a low odorous fixative spray,
Jeanie stamped the Judikins' Parisian Gate stamp with Versafine.

by Debbie Gaetz
This was my attempt at the Judikins' Parisian Gate card top. The
gate stamp has been one of the more popular stamps
this summer . . . I'm posting another sample card from Marj using this stamp
later in today's posting.

And while we were all busy, my little Hannah
snoozed away . . .

More of Marj's Pan Pastel works of art . . .

by Marj Marion

I'm liking this Pan Pastel shading, Versamark and overstamping with Versafine!

by Marj Marion

This is an example of an extremely easy and quick
card that can be made. Pan Pastels provide you with
so many options to quickly make a background of color
for one stamped image.

by Marj Marion

Talk about easy . . . Marj used her Sofft Knife to make quick
'strips' of color. That's it! Set the Pan Pastels with your
fixative and overstamp with Versafine and your favorite stamp.
"How easy is that!" as the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, would say.

by Marj Marion

This is the Judikins' Parisian Gate stamp card I referred to earlier.
For this card, Marj cut open the gate to let the card 'invite' you in.

by Marj Marion

Find an old, unusable book, tear a page out, and use it as
your background paper for Pan Pastels and stamping.

by Marj Marion

There's my favorite color, again!

by Marj Marion

by Marj Marion

Again, she's using the 'strip of Pan Pastel' application creating rays of sunshine!

by Marj Marion

Marj is showing how she saw artwork that she liked in a magazine (right);
with her Pan Pastels and her rubber stamps, she was able to create
her own artwork worthy of publication!

Jeanie Coen brought in two new books she purchased on Zentangling. You just might want to go out and get these books to add to your collection . . .

Jeanie is definitely signing up for Deb Kuttel's Zentangle class at Art 'n Soul on Sunday, September 18.

It's been quite a day . . . it started with a home inspection for the buyer of the house, followed up with a 4-5 mile bike trip along the Western Chehalis Trail, making meatloaf for a meatloaf-sandwich dinner (yummers!), and a computer session with a web designer to learn a new system for an old client's website so I can train my replacement on it.

The Puyallup Fair starts tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. If you can't have fun at Art 'n Soul, think about doin' the Puyallup! We'd rather you came by the store to say hi, look around, think creatively, and help our economy! See ya soon!

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