Thursday, September 29, 2011

From Montreal, Quebec . . .

Feeling the jet lag. Helene and Susie picked me up at the airport. After some initial sightseeing and lunch, we ended up at Magenta's headquarters.

Going through this door to where
Magenta creates their 'artistic magic'

in the building's stairwell
Wow! We feel quite special!

by Helene Metivier
This is a wall hanging of a bargello paper quilt
by Helene . . . it is awesome.

by Helene Metivier

by Helene Metivier

And then there is this beautiful art by Helene:

by Helene Metivier

I wish all of you reading this could be here to see how quickly inspired you become when you see the original artwork by Helene that we've never seen, the products awaiting introduction, and the 'hands on' prototype of an idea a customer had.

It's too late to call Helene to ask permission to post some more photos, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Be sure to stop by the store and see Marj's 'dressed up' class card . . . there's still room in her stencil class next month. The class board has been moved over to the front counter for a look!

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  1. Beautiful - they take my breath away !