Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Dreamweaver Stencils

The new Dreamweaver Stencils are in, and I cannot wait to add to my own personal supply. Dianne was so nice to take pics for me while I was in Texas, and she also re-arranged the Dreamweaver Stencil display so you can actually see some of the 'hidden' packets. Those who came in to participate in yesterday's Spirelli Play Day were able to take a first look at all of the Dreamweaver revelations, and even bought out of a couple designs. So hurry in . . .

New Dreamweaver Sample Board
featuring cards by Marj Marion

New sample cards from Helene for her Magenta Technique classes at the end of this month are at the store; after you see these, you're going to want to sign up if you didn't sign up yet. I'll post a couple of pics tomorrow.

"Art is not about thinking something up.
It is the opposite -- getting something down."
Julia Cameron

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