Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Written on Monday, May 16

Time passes so quickly when you're having fun. We've been 'on the run' since Etsumi and Kazuko arrived last Tuesday and now they have only one more day to enjoy their trip. We're planning to return Helene's car to the rental agency at SeaTac, and then return home via the Mount Rainier area via Crystal Ski Resort so they can see our majestic mountain (our version of their Mount Fuji back home).

The Puyallup Stamp Show was a busy time, setting up on Friday and working the show on Saturday and Sunday. Magenta had a great location . . . Local King Rubber Stamps were directly behind us. On either side of us were Invoke Arts and American Art Stamps.

Kazuko taking a moment to check her e-mails.

The demos were fun to do and so easy!

Demo using white card stock, alcohol ink direct-to-paper technique,
stamped Magenta images, clear peel-off's, Art Quest
metallic watercolors.

Same kind of demo, and adding flecks of Art Quest
metallic watercolor to the finished card top.


Demo using using same techniques, but using the
special glitter pens instead of the Art Quest metallic watercolors
on the clear peel-offs.

A demo using the cork bird cut-outs, alocohol inks
and new Magenta ivy stamp.

After setting up the show on Friday, we discovered a few stamp images without a sample copy. After dinner, Helene, Susie and I made these card-top samples late in the evening. A couple others were made but, unfortunately, I did not take a picture of them.

by Helene Metivier
I think this stamp is so cute . . . shows we can all be different
and still be one happy family!

by Susie Tracy
I loved this stamp . . . the whimsey found in the mane of hair
and hair at the end of the tail, as well as those toe nails! Way too cute!
These are little 'gift' boxes that you can make from the Magenta's box kit.
A limited number of them will be available at Art 'n Soul starting this Sunday.

by Debbie Gaetz
Colored pencil on Magenta patterned 12x12 paper stock.

More postings to come.

It was quite impressive to see all of the Art 'n Soul family and friends who took the time to visit us at the Magenta Booth during the show. We appreciate the support, loyalty and friendship from our many customers . . . you're just the best!

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