Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Etsumi and Kazuko Have Arrived!

Midnight on Tuesday . . . It was such a GREAT day. Helene and I met Etsumi and Kazuko when they arrived at SeaTac, along with Susan Holten with Tsukineko.

Helene was enthralled with this glass 'canvas' artwork
on the baggage level. After taking close-up pics,
I asked her to pose in front of it.
My close-up view, inspired by Helene!
Do you see why Helene was so impressed?

We decided to wait out Kazuko's flight arrival at the
Starbuck's cafe . . . Susan treated me to my first
Frappucino and it was coconut flavored . . . yum!
Waiting for Kazuko's checked luggage at
carousel 16.

Helene is sooo happy to see Etsumi . . . hugs all around!

More waiting . . . Kazuko's flight is running 20 minutes late
but we finally see the "landed" status

Kazuko's flight landed, we greeted her at the top of the escalator
at the north end of the terminal, hugs for everyone.
However, a 'traditional Japanese' greeting is a bow to each
other . . . no hugs! So I asked them to pose again for my camera.
We just can't believe so much time has passed since we
bade our farewells to Etsumi and Kazuko last October  . . .
and our dream to have them visit us came true today!

It is going to be such a delight to take their classes tomorrow afternoon and evening.

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