Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm Going Stir Crazy

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting lately. I had sinus surgery last Thursday and I wasn't able to wake up enough to go home, so they checked me into the hospital for a night. (That will teach them to not schedule me as the last procedure for the day!) I did return home on Friday afternoon with wobbly legs and a tote-full of meds. My dear husband, 'Nurse' Tom, has been doing double-time taking care of me and the house; he did admit tonight that I am an expensive housewife to replace. Since I'm still on meds, I'm not even going to ask!

So la-la land is still in my immediate future. Until then, I take no responsibility for typo's, what I might have said that I should not have, and what I look like . . . an utter mess!

Stop by the store, please, and take a look at the two new class boards that are up . . . Alissa's "Glitter Ritz Glitz" on Saturday, April 9 beginning at 1:30 p.m. AND Sue's "Spring Has Sprung" on Wednesday, April 6 in the afternoon and evening!

Saturday, April 9, 1-:30 p.m., Alissa – GLITTER RITZ GLITZ”, $32
Create elegant spring cards using a variety of techniques with the new microfine Jewel Glitter Ritz by Elizabeth Craft Designs.  The finished feel of this glitter is so soft – you will love it!  Learn to use this fabulous glitter to produce amazing results with stamps, peel-offs, punches and more!

Wednesday, April 6, 1:30-4  pm and A SECOND CLASS,  5:30-8 pm., Sue --  SPRING HAS SPRUNG!” $28
With all the flowers and butterflies on these cards you will surely think that Spring has finally sprung.  Each card will be using the Cover-A-Card background stamps that we have hiding in our drawers, as well as Distress inks, embossing techniques, Pan Pastels, and Spellbinder dies.  To accommodate all, Sue is offering two classes – one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

While you're at the store, look at the new Paper Parachute stamps. There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm from Agi's two classes this last Saturday, and there is a beautiful sample of each card made in the two classes for you to look at. Think about how you, too, can make something just as beautiful! Through this mess I managed to miss both of Agi's classes, but Susie assured me she saved the card samples and class kits for me. As soon as I can find my way to the store with my camera, I will take pics and post them on the blog.

Hope to see you soon! In the meantime, my personal "thank you" to each of you who have taken the time to send me an email asking how everything was coming along after surgery (not! at the moment), and for your prayers and good wishes. It means a lot!

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