Saturday, January 8, 2011

Magenta Stamp + Cork Paper + Copic Markers + Marj Marion = AMAZING!

Our Marj is on another roll again. Doing one of the things she likes to do best, and how we end up with such great samples to follow . . . taking one stamp image and using different art mediums to incorporate the image into one of her many artistic creations.

She is coming up with sample work for Magenta using their bird cut-outs on cork paper with adhesive backing. She had used alcohol inks and the Pan Pastels on two different samples but wanted more detailed color blending. She remembered how well alcohol inks blend, and thought . . . 'why not alcohol ink in the form of Copic markers?'

Paper and word stamp by Magenta (07.514G); chocolate Brilliance ink;
Magenta cork stickers; velvet paper from SEI; coloring with Copic markers;
pen strokes using glitter pens.

The Copic markers blend really well, the pen colors are 'forgiving', and she was able to make the twig part brown, and mixed browns on the birds and mixed greens on the leaves. One special hint from Helene Metivier with Magenta that Marge recommends:  cut out the individual cork image(s) you want, color, and then peel off carefully so you do not tear the cork. The cork bird sheets are at Art 'n Soul, as well as the papers.

Susie has discoverd that Copic has 36 new Ciao colors! At Art 'n Soul, you can order the entire set of the new colors or order your own individual selections for your collection. Better hurry if you want to order any specific colors so you're sure the colors you want are available when the order arrives . . . the store needs to place their order very soon!

OPEN CATALOGS this month at Art 'n Soul:
  • Outlines Rubber Stamp Co.
  • Karen Lockhart Rubber Stamps
  • Peddler's Pack
  • Magenta

I'll see you at the store tomorrow . . . they're letting me back behind the counter and at the register! Hope to see you while I'm there . . .

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