Sunday, November 21, 2010

Webster's Pages is now selling cling foam mount red rubber stamps to match their Christmas papers. If you'd like to order any, you must do it this week because the order will go in on Friday. The store will not order any extra stamps.

They are $19.25 plus tax per set. They are saying it takes up to 7 days for them to ship an order out and that's why we want to get our order in right away.

The store is also compiling orders for Magenta, Pan Pastels and Elizabeth Craft Glitter. We expect all 3 of these orders to go out by Tuesday, so hurry in and let us know what you'd like to order.

The Pan Pastels orders are piling up, especially after Saturday's Copy-Cat Magenta class. There is a Pan Pastel container and dauber you are welcome to try out at the store's front counter. While pricey, there is a substantial savings if you order the 80-color set; that set also includes the tool set that is otherwise a separate purchase. Perfect opportunity to use your Art 'n Soul punch card for the 15% discount.

Today's Angel Collage class led by Cindy Sharp was a huge success. She was so organized that we finished the class project in its entirety within the 4-hour class time. It was soooo much fun that most everyone was eager to sign up for her yet-to-be scheduled Valentine collage, also featuring stamps from Character Constructions. Order sheets were being filled out for Character Constructions' stamp sets as well; Catherine Moore, the creator, specializes in paper doll construction. You can go to her website at or come into the store and look at the various stamp images. Catherine has also started production of Character Constructions custom dies that work with her stamp images.

Everyone hard at work on their Angel Collage

typical work station

That's it for tonight . . . stay warm and drive carefully when you go out in the morning.

There's no sense in blaming the mountain for being too high. Instead, find a way to climb it.


  1. What a wonderful, roomy, classroom and the angel collage class looks like a winner! Wish I could have been there to partake in the festitivies.