Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can Toilet Paper Rolls Look This Good?

Pretty clever . . . the Davenport Hotel wraps the extra toilet paper roll in about 4 layers of tissue (or 1 large sheet folded into quarters) . . . puts the roll in the center of the tissue paper, brings all 4 corners up and pushes the "stem" portion of corners into the open end of the paper roll and fluffs up the corner ends to make them look like a flower. Take a look!

So I'm thinking Christmas tissue paper to "dress up" the guest bathroom during the holidays.

I looked up a rubber stamp and scrapbook paper store in Spokane to visit . . . drove there and they had closed the business.

Appreciate Art 'n Soul, your very unique and special
fine art rubber stamp and paper store in Lacey, Washington.
We appreciate your support and it's only because of your
loyal patronage and continued support that the
doors to Art 'n Soul remain open.

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