Saturday, October 9, 2010

We're Here!

Wednesday, October 6

Helene, Susie and I made it to Tokyo with all of the enthusiasm that we left with intact. Etsumi met us at Narita airport with a bottle of cold water for each of us . . . so refreshing! We required two taxis for the drive to the Ginza District because we had so much luggage (so they said!). Not one taxi driver would take more than 2 passengers. The culture here is so clean . . . all of the taxi seats have delicate white lace covers on the front and rear seats.

Susie, Helene and Etsumi

We have been so overwhelmed by a particular store around the corner, Itoya. Nine floors of beautiful papers, pencils and pens and other art mediums, gift boxes .  .  .  it's like Paper Source meets an upscale Office Depot/Office Max. I picked up some washi papers that we cannot purchase in the states, so we will be researching that one! Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me take photos of the paper so that you, too, could drool along with us!

 Friday, October 8

Today, we are packing it up to travel to another part of Tokyo for the Stamp Carnival. This afternoon, we will set up the Magenta booth and price everything in Japanese . . . new challenges for sure!

Before I leave off for now, I want to assure you that I've figured out how to find the blog; everything is in Japanese on the website for logon information which is quite challenging. So we should stay in better touch. Hopefully!

While you're at the store, check out what came in from Peddler's Pack. AND, look at the new class boards.

Cindy Sharp will be teaching a mixed media ART ANGEL . . . here's the pic (you'll have to look at the class schedule or look at the sample board for the date and time  . . .  my mini laptop restricts my ability to go back and forth between websites, documents, etc.).

These are the cards that will be made if you sign up for my Vintage Halloween Class on Monday, October 26. In addition, students will take home extra stamped Halloween images . . . so many images, not enough class time!

After we set up for the Stamp Carnival, we met Etsumi (left) and Kazuko (right) for a traditional tempura dinner. Going to and from the restaurant, we were captivated by the Shrine and Temple we passed.

Debbie Gaetz, Helene Metivier, Etsumi, Kazuko, Susie Tracy

Saturday, October 9

More later . . . but I must go downstairs to the meeting room where Helene will be teaching a class to very anxious students. It is 7:40 p.m. on Saturday, and we have one class tonight, another class tomorrow morning and the trade show until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. Long days but well worth it.


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