Friday, October 29, 2010

Tomorrow's the BIG Day at Art 'n Soul & Sam's 'Remains of the Day' Journal

Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, October 30) between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m., please plan to join us for an Art 'n Soul Christmas Party for our offering of holiday munchies as we  launch our holiday spirit with new holiday stamps, holiday papers, holiday ribbon. More holiday products will be arriving at the store in the coming weeks, too. But tomrrow, there are going to be lots of samples out matched up with the products used and/or easy ordering information.

A sneak peak at one of the tables
loaded with holiday stamps.

Here's Laurel Martin volunteering her time at the store to apply stickers to the recycled rubber stamps so the items are ready for Sue and Deb to quickly price. She is such a sweetheart for helping Sue and Deb out! By the way, you have until next Wednesday, November 3, to bring in your recycled rubber for the November RR Saturday.

Sam Lee has become addicted to the fabric journaling taught by Mary Ann Moss ('Remains of the Day'). Here's Sam's first journal prepared for her Mexican cruise in February. Ive asked Sam to provide a description for each photo so you'll better understand what she's doing. I am now soooo anxious to get my sewing machine out and throwing together "remains of the day" items to put into a journal for me. I'm thinking it's going to make a great Christmas surprise for a few "favorite" members of the family . . .

Front of journal showing wasitband from a pair of jeans used as a closure.
The waistband is loose to accommodate filling the journal with
goodies from the trip. The fringe was intended to soften the jeans look.

Original clothing tag left on for interest.

Random belt loops left on, handy for attaching anything
exrta that can be hung on for memories and interest.

By using the entire waistband for a wrap, it allows using
original closures for securing the journal when not in use.

Fringe was attached over the waistband providing extra
strenghth so it holds once the journal is filled up.

The rear pocket from the original pair of jeans was incorporated in
 the main cover to provide for storage of tickets, receipts, etc.,
until they find a perment place in the journal. An iron-on pocket was
attached to the inside cover for the same purpose.
(ed. note:  don't you love the brightly colored fish for the inside backing?)

Inside of journal when open. First signature is housed in a picture
folder from a cruise. Two signatures were used.

Second signature was also housed in the same type folder.
Because this journal will be going on a cruise, it seemed appropriate.

Back pockets from a little people's pair of jeans was stitched onto a page,
creating hidden pockets. They were sewn with the opening
toward center of the journal so things will not fall out.

A small envelope was sewn onto this page; maybe some kind of  ticket will come to 'live' here.

6x6 page protector sheets make good window pages.

Envelopes sewn on pages with flaps provide both private and
public places to journal my thoughts or event descriptions.

Another type of page made from an altered picture album
that can house postcards, pictures, etc, on the trip.

Washi paper used on this page. Made a boo-boo (see the
wrinkle from leaving some thread underneath) that created
an interest focus (hopefully). This is hard for me
to not have everything perfect, but I will get there.

Painted some pages for covering with "stuff" later.

Had this neat dragonfly stationary, so I sewed an envelope
in for another place to put "stuff" in.

Snorkling is one of the things I love to do on cruises, so
fish pictures had to be included.

An odd-ball page with lines to satisfy my need for some order.

Transparency sewn in corner to tuck stuff in.

There in a private space to put something in, as well as
the public space.

More lined paper that will be covered up with pictures, drink coasters,
and/or matchbook covers, as well as providing space to write.

Dragonfly stationary again, and this time, a card was sewn in.

Front of the card. Someone likes dragonflies.

Another example of a transparency.

More fish!

A blank calendar page looked like something fun to decorate.

Another pretty envelope. There is a white tape-like stripe on
either side of the sewing on the signature fold. I stuck Tyvek
from a used envelope down in the folds of some of the pages
to make the paper stronger for sewing.

Another look at the book opened up.

Showing off the pockets used again.

This is the cover I've started for my second journal. 
This one is going to be lots brighter.

Found a curtain tieback that I think will
make a great closure.

Let us know what you think! If you're interested in doing a 'Remains of the Day'
journal and plan to purchase the lesson fron Mary Ann Moss' blog, let us know. When
we figure out what day of the month works to "work together" on this project,
we'd like to include you!

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  1. well dogoneit that is just about the cutest most clever jeans cover EVER! i absolutely love the tassels. and the inside fish! and the POCKETS! and all the clear pages. yum yummy yum!