Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Memories from the Weekend & Something's Coming . . .

The Fred Mullett classes were "fishy-fabulous" this last weekend. Here are some pics, including one of Fred himself!

Sue Pape, FRED MULLETT, & Liz Hajek
Sue & Liz flew up from San Antonio, TX to take Fred's class at Art 'n Soul!
We wish Fred taught more classes because he has such an artistic talent and depth of knowledge. My favorite class directive on Saturday . . . "step away from the fish" . . . as only Fred Mullett can express it. Nancy Piper had to miss Saturday's sessions because she did "too much" at Friday's class following a medical procedure a few days ago . . . we missed her but her spirit was with us all day! If you've never been spiritually "one with the fish", then you'll need to take Fred's classes the next time he's out west. A personal note:  I will not be giving up my space the next time for Fred's "The Elegant Mess" class . . . way too much fun!

Calm has returned to the store following Fred's classes and Recycled Rubber. There are Fred Mullett stamps that you can purchase . . . at the store or from his catalog. Fred emphasized that because Art 'n Soul is one of his favorite stores and he just concluded teaching 3 classes here, our order will go to the "top" of the list when they receive it instead of waiting until he returns home sometime in October. His catalog features, along with the rubber stamps, art supplies, i.e., colored embossing powders, the BIG UGLY stamp positioner, etc.

Outlines Rubber Stamp is still open catalog. Here are the pics from the sample board they sent to us last week which prompted Susie to order "open catalog" status for Outlines so soon. If you can come into the store to see the actual sample board, it's better so you can see the dimensional artistry.

The card samples for the two Magenta classes in October (October 3 & October 18) are on display. Helene has again created lovely cards using simple techniques. If you haven't signed up for those classes, come in or call the store (360.357.6820) or email the store at artnsoul@artnsoul.comcastbiz.net to sign up.

Paper, paper, paper
where art thou paper
we don't know
what's in the box
but what we do know
Graphic 45 will knock off your socks!

More velvet papers arrived as well, including the color "asparagus" that is used on one of the Paper Parachute sample cards.

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