Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Long Since We Last "Talked"

Where does the time we "don't see" vanish to? It's Monday and I just looked to see that we haven't 'blogged' since last Wednesday. OMG! There's always something going on at the store, so here goes . . .

The new "Cat of the Month" stamps from Magenta arrived Thursday, along with a host of other new goodies. There are new adhesive-backed cork papers (some with laser-cut shapes); peel-off's; laser-cut chipboards; and some new stamps. In just the few days since that order arrived, we've already thought of additional items we want from Magenta . . . so if you want to order more Magenta products, fill out that little pink sheet.

A special item from Magenta  . . . a laser-cut chipboard house that is perfect for a Haunted Halloween House or a Merry Christmas House. Personally, I see a Christmas House group prjoect coming up in the Art 'n Soul future . . .

Look at this beautiful card sample from Magenta . . . recognize the paper? It's so amazing what Magenta designers come up with that is so simple to do. I think I'm going to "re-discover" that paper and try this one out!

From Magenta

More Copic markers are in the store. What's YOUR system to keep track of all of the colors in your inventory? I can personally state, however, that I've never regretted buying the duplicate colors that were already in my stash. And the newest editions of the Stampington magazines are in . . . "Take Ten", et al.

Art 'n Soul's first ever "Trading Day" went well. We had fun looking at everyone's collections of napkins, playing cards, photos, and other miscellaneous items that appeared on the table. I think we all went home with more than we thought we would . . . and the idea of a trading day for embellishments came up, as well as other goodies we accumulate. Watch for the next "Trading Day" announcement.

We're now 'patiently' (?) waiting for the Outlines Rubber Stamp and Impression Obsession stamp orders to come in. We've added Rubber Moon to this month's open catalog list. Come in and take a look at their catalog; in addition, you're welcome to go to this website link to look at their latest stamps . . . . . . Susie says you really need to look at the inventory they've always had because their Halloween stamps are some of the best around, and we agree!

And we now have wi-fi internet at Art 'n Soul, thanks to Deb's expertise in computer--eeze! One of these days, we plan to have a mini laptop at the front counter so we can show you products from our vendors online when it's appropriate. We're making some good leaps, aren't we?

I'm anxious for the end of this week. My "calendar" says I can order the Webster's Pages Christmas line on Thursday (according to their retailer website). That same day Susie, Sue, Deb and I will be meeting with our new Rep from Millsrepco to look at all the new "goodies" from the Summer CHA Show.

New ribbons! New papers! New sources!
New places to look.
We're stopping at nothing
adding new pages to the ordering book.

Art 'n Soul's Annual Christmas Party -- Saturday, October 30, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

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