Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HERO ARTS is the "open catalog" for THIS WEEK only!

Hero Arts is our "last-minute" open catalog . . . you're encouraged to come into the store to place your order by Thursday of THIS WEEK so we can send the order in on Friday. We've discovered that somehow we were not sent the Summer 2010 Arts and Crafts Catalog. Our store sleuths found the information and printed out the catalog supplement so that a hard copy is available at Art 'n Soul.

Come into the store to view what's new with Hero Arts in their Summer 2010 Arts and Crafts Catalog Supplement and the 2010 Holiday Catalog Supplement. We know you'll find new designs that you'll like and will want to order.

Both the Summer 2010 Arts and Crafts Catalog Supplement and the 2010 Holiday Supplement are also available online as well. Go to these links to view the latest they are offering. If you order this week from Art 'n Soul, you'll be one of the first to own stamps in the 2010 Holiday collection if that's the catalog you're ordering from. And you're going to be one of the "early" purchasers from the Summer 2010 Arts and Crafts Catalog as well; they're out but in very few stores right now.

http://www.heroarts.com/products/SummerArtsCraftsCatalog.cfm for the Summer 2010 Arts and Crafts Catalog Supplement

http://www.heroarts.com/products/JingleAllTheWay.cfm for the 2010 Holiday Catalog Supplement

Here are a few stamps from the new catalog and, when possible, a card sample as well just to whet your appetite!

H5422 - Three Song Birds
H5426 Artists Butterfly
Artists Butterfly Stamp -- Card Sample by Robin Kubasik for Hero Arts

CG221 - Hanging Ornaments

CG221 Hanging Ornaments - Card Sample by Hero Arts

K5254 - Christmas Stockings

H5457 - Winking Reindeer

CL457 - Real Leaves Card Sample by Kug hee Yim for Hero Arts

A special "how to" From Hero Arts:

"You Light Up My Life"

You Light Up My Life Card Sample by Nancy Taylor for Hero Arts
"Can these cute little lamps be sophisticated? You bet they can. Did you notice that each lamp is accented with a different technique? The lamp with the cut out leaves and matching shade uses images stamped with a different ink, cut out and glued over the existing images. The middle lamp uses metallic Décor on the base for a dimensional accent. The lamp with the plaid shade uses a yellow colored pencil for a hint of light and a pearl heart for a lamp pull."

Hero Materials:

CH173 Hearts Accent Pearls
CH202 Pewter Metallic Decor
MS204 Colorbox Chalk Queue - Pumpkin Patch
PS572 Earth Folded Cards
LP176 Decorative Lamps

Other Materials:
White cardstock, twine, scissors, paper trimmer, yellow colored pencil, adhesive and a fine point black marker

Instructions (from Hero Arts):

Stamp all the lamps in a dark brown ink from the Pumpkin Patch Ink Queue. Trim each lamp into the same size paper.

Stamp the lamp with the leaf base in a rust colored ink queue on a separate piece of paper. Cut out the shade and around the leaves (leave a bit of color around the leaves as you cut). Glue the shade and the leaves over the matching images on the lamp. Add metallic décor accents to each of the circles on the base of the middle lamp. Using a black fine point marker, add a chain (out of little dots) to the remaining lamp and a bit of yellow (to simulate light) with a colored pencil. Attach a pearl heart to the end of the chain.

After gluing the lamp images to a wide strip of Latte cardstock add a few wraps of twine around the bottom of the card securing the twine with a knot on the front of the card.

Whenever you are going to add gemstones, accent hearts or other items with sticky back, try not to add over colored pencils. The pencils leave a bit of wax on the paper and the accents may not stick as well.

The holidays come but once a year
And this time of year it becomes very clear
That you must start thinking about what cards are a "must"
to send holiday cheer at Thanksgiving & Christmas
Look through the catalogs and make your list whole
and order your stamps at your favorite store, Art 'n Soul!

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